Top 3 For the Full Moon in LEO [January 2021]

This full moon comes blazing in (get it? Leo? Fire? Anyway…) with some STRONG messages and some STRONG aspects.

#1 Use Nostalgia as a Launching Pad

Right now there’s a lot of reminiscing about the life before the Covid and wondering if we’ll ever stop living in some weird dystopia. Trust me, I’m right there with you. HOWEVER, the aspects of this moon also suggest there’s this HEATED ASF desire to open our mouths and shout out the truths we know to everyone because we just want everyone to SEE WHATS HAPPENING. Trust me, I get that too. Now, there’s nothing wrong with feeling nostalgia or sensing these urges to communicate what you know as TRUTH, but there is definitely a need to proceed with AWARENESS and COMPASSION so we don’t blow a hole through someone while we’re in the middle of feeling our feelz.

Spend some time really using this nostalgia to ask yourself, “What did I love about life before all of this? What was I missing out on that I now realize is so important? What do I want to be different on the other side of this?” These are such important questions as they will open the way for your future manifestations.

#2 Sacrifice. Get Ready For Choices.

This energy also brings forward this definitive knowing that we are going to have to make choices that feel HARD. Choices that align with our integrity and values and to not budge from them no matter the pressure. This is not a time for fence riding or pretending. You are deciding. I mention in the video that this also symbolizes a sort of “surprise return” of some important person or influence in your life. As a collective I’ve mentioned that we are only at the beginning of a very INTERESTING turn of events.

# 3 Triumphant Success! Here’s to the LIGHT!

Now this moon isn’t all “get ready for some shit, mmkay!?” It’s also here to remind us that we are indeed in the middle of an ABUNDANCE of energy that can support us in a multitude of ways. What are you looking to create? Build? Add to? Expand?

Are you being conscious of expressing gratitude for your work, your family, your health and the things in your life that are consistently going RIGHT?

Gratitude is a primer for success so if you WANT to see more success – get more grateful y’all!

Wishing you all an amazing full moon and many many blessings! Remember that Leo is the sign of creative expression and dramatics as well so have some fun and let your artistic expressions fly! Watch out for potential excessive drama in relationships personally and digitally! And if you’d like to join us for the FULL energy reading twice a month, come into the Sovereign Society at the Metaphysical Teachings pledge!

xoxo Shakti

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