New Bitchute Channel – Current Events Reporting

Part of what I am THANKFUL to be recording for the sake of our SOVEREIGNTY is current events as I experience them due to my background and personal experience. Once upon a time I was filming a series called FIRESIDE FRIDAY chats on Youtube where I did these reports in 2020. Due to personal reasons, I took a break and decided to step back. I was recently called to continue to do this particular kind of work.

I’m fully aware these video updates will NOT be for everyone.

And yet, I believe they are essential for us to stay awake and vigilant.

I believe in asking all the questions.

I believe in questioning EVERY narrative.

I do not follow ANY ideology blindly unless I come to it myself by way of experience of intuitive accord.

I encourage all of you to do the same. In this video I introduce my background and why I decided to do this kind of reporting. It will give you an opportunity to decide if you’d like to continue to follow this content on Bitchute, or if you’d like to join us on Patreon and get access to all the content I provide there regularly.

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