Top 3 For the New Moon in CAPRICORN [January 2021]

This new moon in Capricorn comes prancing in with a very different energy than we just left in CANCER! As an Earth sign ruled by this image of a mountain goat merrily hopping its way across a grotesquely dangerous mountain side, this energy is calling us to muster the same amount of confidence and grace those goats display doing something seemingly terrifying.

The truth is easier times are NOT ahead of us even though I *REALLY* wish I could be reporting that. However, calmer times WILL see us in a few months time. For now, let’s talk about the main 3 things to keep in mind for this New Moon.

#1 Change

Yeap. That word. It gets tossed around a lot these days but I’m here to report that it’s about to FOR REAL change on us. Reality as we know it is shifting and permanently. There is no going back to how it “used to be”. As I talked about in the deeper forecast – which you can sign up to catch live by becoming a patreon – what we had before was a whole lot of people ASLEEP and caught prisoner in a matrix that wasn’t serving them. Too many people NOT understanding their own sovereignty and consenting to energetic manipulation. So yes, WAY MORE CHANGE is about to show up on our doorstep. It’s up to us to decide how we want to change personally and what we are going to ACCEPT or not accept as a collective.

#2 Self- Awareness & Loving Kindness

Now more than ever we need a constant steady stream of this flowing from and to each and every one of us. Earth signs are grounding and centering. SKILLFULLY applied the sign of Capricorn is mature, constructive, deliberate, prudent, ambitious and patient. Unskillfully applied, it is pessimistic, manipulating, self-seeking, and unemotional! Look at where Capricorn lies in your chart (what house and also what planets reside there) and be CONSCIOUS of how you are showing up in the world not only in how you speak and engage with others but also how you THINK.

#3 Community

This moon also asks us how much we are being willing to ASK for help from our community and to BE of help to our community. This artificial separation that has been regulated upon us and that we have accepted because we’ve been told it was “for our own good” has become increasingly more dangerous to our mental and emotional well being. It is imperative that we seek to make meaningful connection with our communities however we feel that is wisest so that we get to feel a PART of something. So don’t neglect the significance of this tribal support. It’s INCREDIBLY important.

You can watch my quick energy report here!

Wishing you the very best and most insightful new moon experience!

xoxo Coach Shakti

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