How Understanding Your Energy Charts Can Radically Change Your Life

I’ve been studying both Astrology and Human Design now for a few years – everything from reading books obsessively, interpreting the charts of those closest to me, watching tons of videos back to back, you get the picture. It’s been NON stop. At some point, it occurred to me that overlapping these TWO famous cosmology studies could actually give a TORRENT of information for individuals that could radically shift the direction of any one person’s life.

In that spirit, I created my latest coaching offerings – The Intensive & The 4 Week Container – which includes BOTH charts drafted and interpreted along with coaching to help clients process their chart and understand HOW to use it to optimize their life. I also added a single offering for CHARTING which allows clients to choose one chart for me to work with and then offers them a 60 minute video call where we go over their chart together.

So why EXACTLY did I become so crazy obsessed with these charting methods and how they work together?

Well, VERY simply put, I found that this could give people TWO incredibly important things:

  1. Validation.
  2. A strategy to win at life.

Yes, THAT epic. Allow me to elaborate.


When a client comes to a session or to a series of sessions they are typically at a point in their life where something is going “wrong”. This means that an area or several areas of their life do not bring them joy, do not feel positive, are not progressing and they are carrying with them a whole slew of feelings that include, stuckness, depression, intense worry/fear, hopelessness, doubt and this unshakeable feeling that something MUST be wrong with THEM. That the reason their life isn’t working the way they want it to – despite their best efforts – is that they are broken in some indescribable way.

Once we start making our way through their charts together, there is one thing that I hear MOST often that really soothes my own soul, “OMG! That explains why I’m this way! This makes so much sense!” and with that follows this sigh of relief that can sometimes be heard auditorily but can ALWAYS be seen on the screen. It’s like a burden is lifted off of them and they finally get it.

They GET why they are the way they are. And why they’ve made the choices they’ve made.

As the chart reading continues layers upon layers of validation are added to their experience until the client feels like they have a deep – not just understanding of who they are – but APPRECIATION of who they are.

They realize nothing is actually wrong with them – they’ve simply been looking at their traits as NEGATIVE and destructive instead of understanding what they are, what they mean, and how to use them.

Strategy to Win At Life

Let’s be real – if you knew EXACTLY how to win the FASTEST at this thing called life in all areas of love, money, career, and purpose you’d TOTALLY want to know that right?

Well, SURPRISE. You totally can.

In fact we are each programmed to have SPECIFIC struggles and SPECIFIC victories depending on our designs and our natal charts. By unpacking what the potential areas of conflict are, understanding WHERE they impact your life, and then how to use your UNIQUE strategy to move through them and to thrive, you unveil a BULLET PROOF plan for winning.

Yes, it’s THAT LEGIT.

I cannot tell you how much feedback I receive saying things like, “This has RADICALLY changed my perspective on my life, THANK YOU.” This is like – every session if I’m honest.

Understanding your charts and how they work TOGETHER is such an invaluable tool in understanding yourself and how you are set to operate in the world. Showing up in the world working against your natural design is SO CRAZY PAINFUL and leads to tons of unfulfilling experiences and suffering.

My goal as your facilitator and your coach is to help the suffering STOP by giving you the DEPTH of self awareness and the KEYS to your success that can help you CRUSH your goals, feel more JOY in your day to day, and find PEACE in your spirit knowing that you are living exactly as you were designed to live.

Sounds pretty epic, right?

I know. It totally is.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence to do something like this and you’ve landed on this read – it’s not a coincidence. Your time is now. Book your charting session or your intensive below and let’s help you REALLY get to the truth of you. If we’ve already worked together before or you’ve followed my work and you feel ready for the 4 week commitment, I welcome you to that also.

Wishing you the very most SOVEREIGN version of your life,



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