RECIPE- Quinoa w/ Winter Veggies

Unlike those recipe blogs that write a NOVEL before you get the recipe – I’m not gonna do that to ya. So here it is!

Quinoa is REALLY underrated.

It’s extremely diverse and can be made into a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner meal which is remarkable for a grain.

It’s also packed full of plant protein which is ALSO unusual for a grain!

I recommend going for the pale colored quinoa because it tends to have a MILDER taste than the multi colored or the darker colored grain.

You can also make this salad warm or cold depending on the season.

You’ll notice up top some container counts as well – (1 yellow, 1 red etc) – this pertains to one of the nutritional methods we use in our virtual fitness accountability groups as well.

This is ONE example of the weekly recipe book that is included in our VIP group for our clients. Each week a new recipe book is launched with a WEEKS WORTH of recipes ranging from breakfast to dinner so that our clients never get bored and always have new foods they can explore.

Our very next focus group starts on the 11th for 9 Week Control Freak, however if you’d like to join our GENERAL group and have a different program chosen for you to start with, I can also totally do that for you! Just drop me a line here:

Happy eats!

xoxo Coach Shakti

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