My Top 3 For The FULL MOON in Cancer DEC. 2020

The FINAL full moon of the year is upon us and WHOA has it been a RIDE. I think every single one of us is hoping that we can look to 2021 with some glimmering HOPE that it will looking nothing like its ancestor 2020.

That being said I filmed a little something something for Y’ALL about this full moon – my top THREE things to be mindful of during this full moon! I will also be doing an in-depth energy report for our PATREON members, so if you’d like to join us for that event you can!


Seriously. Hydrate. Not only is water so incredibly important FOR you but it’s also a POWERFUL conduit for moving stuck energy AND receiving psychic intuition! In the included video I give you my top two tips to help with this as someone who is CHRONICALLY dehydrated.

#2 Ask Yourself, “How do I want this to FEEL?”

Your love life, finances, career, health – all of it. This year and heading into 2021 let’s do LESS goal setting and MORE goal feeling. Goal setting means diddly squat if you can’t FEEL the end result anyway, so let’s focus on the most important part!

#3 Make TIME for Presence.

Unplug from the matrix that has become the internet and really PLUG INTO YOUR LIFE. Your family, playing games, going for walks, pillow talk, longer sleep, sleep ins, movie nights with cuddles – alllll the good stuff that life is REALLY made of. We are being called INWARD and to the things that give life MEANING. Go with it.

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Love you so! Have an awesome full moon.


Coach Shakti

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