“You In DANGER, Girl!” How Intuition Bids For Your Well Being

This is a question I get A TON from new spiritual seekers that want to understand how to interpret communication from their intuition/higher selves/guidance system.

The question is either, “How do I know which choice is the RIGHT choice for me?” or something like “How will I know if I’m being warned against something?”

In other words, how are you gonna know when…

The answer is simple and complex at the same time – don’t worry I made a WHOLE video about this. We’ll get there.

It’s a two part answer.

First, you’ll receive a message that will sound A LOT like your own thoughts. Something as subtle as:

  • Maybe I’ll take a different road to work today.
  • I think I’m gonna wait a few minutes before heading out.
  • I’m not really feeling going to that party, I think I’m gonna pass.
  • I have a gut feeling that I don’t really want to be there.

Problem with those is that they are usually so subtle and sound SO MUCH like your own brain, we dismiss them and often justify why we aren’t going to listen to them.

So then, the next level is getting your BODY involved. At this point your internal guidance system is going to use the most distracting messenger they possibly can – your body. It might feel something like:

  • A stomach ache or pit of stomach feeling when you think about doing something or seeing someone.
  • Straight up PANIC (I’ll cover this in my video with examples).

At this point you are DESPERATELY being veered away from an experience that will not advance your soul in anyway and will cause needless suffering. I’ve had this experience a few distinct times in my life and I share about them below.

Rest assured that you are always being looked over and the communication IS always present. It’s our job to develop that awareness and learn how to distinguish between our own thoughts and the messages we are receiving on a daily basis in regard to our lives.

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2 thoughts on ““You In DANGER, Girl!” How Intuition Bids For Your Well Being

  1. Haven’t had any urgent feelings or thoughts that give me direction but a few times I knew things I shouldn’t or felt things. And I know the feeling of intuition vs your own thoughts. For instance, I knew someone I just met was pregnant before they mentioned it and they weren’t showing. When I met my kid’s father the day before my 17th bday, I had a thought “this is the man you will have kids with” and a vision flooded my mind of us carrying a baby up to a second floor apartment and I was the occupant of the apartment. It was clear as day and not a thought of my own because marriage and kids was far from mind at the time. And what’s even crazier is it literally happened later on in my life (we had two kids together but when my son was born, the apartment from the vision belonged to the parents of my college roommate who I hadn’t met yet). There have been other incidents where I thought of someone I hadn’t seen in a while and saw them within a few hours of that thought or I’d get a phonecall out of the blue from them that day. I’ve run into a few people and they stuck out in a way that can only be described as like tunnel vision and a week or so later they end up passing tragically. The last incident I vividly remember like this, happened this past February. My bday is the day after Valentine’s day. I usually talk to my family on vday and then act all surprised when they call me the next day for my bday. This year I had this overwhelming sense that I was saying goodbye to them for the last time. I was heading out to celebrate my bday and I almost didn’t go because the feeling was so overwhelming. It didn’t feel like me though and I pushed through it and went anyway. That was the scariest decision to make because I didn’t know if it was a sign or a message or my mind making up senarios. The next day I found out that an old highschool friend passed away on Valentine’s day. I can only assume it was around 6pm when I was talking to my family. I think I was channeling her fear. I do not know how she passed but I know she had a past with drugs and I believe it may have caused her death. I wish I could ask her foster mom what happened and if they have a time of death but that would be totally inappropriate. I honestly think she was dying and scared and her spirit reached out to me. The following day (on my bday), that overwhelming dreadful feeling was completely gone. Don’t know what these messages are for, what to do with them or how to hone in on them. I can’t make them happen, they occur randomly.

    1. Those are all EXCELLENT examples of how we are communicated with and often. One of the ways I’m most spoken too is via visions for myself. For others it’s more of a feeling in my body and sometimes visions if I’m doing a reading for example. Thank you for sharing! <3

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