Winter Solstice 2020: What You Need To Know

I think it’s pretty safe to say that this energy now moving through the Earth is MASSIVE. The relationship between Jupiter and Saturn becomes HIGHLIGHTED, EXPANDED, and ORGANIZED to help us welcome in an entirely new era of humanity – the long awaited age of Aquarius.

Just kidding! (Sort of!)

This is definitely an era of greater cooperation, relationship building, prosperity and growth, so YES let us rejoice!

However, not so fast, it ain’t feeling like rainbows and butterflies for MANY right now…

I know, trust me. PLENTY of my clients, business partners and friends have been balking at this intensely NEGATIVE feeling they are carrying around and the awful thoughts they keep repeating in their brains on REPEAT. So what gives? Here’s the deal.

Unresolved Sacral and Root Chakra Issues Are Up To Bat

For most of the people I’m talking to the issues that are arising or the negative thoughts that are swirling all revolve around these two chakras. So what do those involve:

  • Vitality/Zest for life
  • Sexuality & Sensuality
  • Ancestry
  • Family issues
  • Finances/Money
  • Purpose/Career
  • Stability


Many of you are gonna read this and go BUT I’VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOREVER. I know, me too. But anything that is left and unresolved has GOT to go. So don’t resist it.

RESOLVE so that you can EVOLVE.

It’s time to do the deeper work that requires stillness and honesty

This is the kind of work everyone wants to run right through and claim sovereignty from – trust me I’m with you. FUCK THAT.

However, we can’t do that and not feel the after effects HENCE what’s coming up now, so here is my advice:

  • Slow down the tape in your mind and write down what you’re saying to yourself obsessively in your mind. What do you catch yourself repeating the most?
  • Check in with your body and see what kind of energetic state you are residing in most.
  • Check in with your habits and routines OR lack of them – what could you switch up to help you change your state?

The call for this kind of work is DRAMATIC and INTENSE and it also calls for a level of accountability to ourselves most of us don’t have and also readily avoid. This is why I have been recently called to OPEN my 1:1 containers again and the path has been made clear for me to have the time to offer this. So for those of you loyal blog followers – you’re in LUCK – The spots open in January and I’m only taking 2 intensive clients and 3 month long clients. If you’d like to claim one of those spots contact me and let me know.

The Lady of the Gift, Moving On, and The Heart Chakra

These were the collective oracle cards that came forward for the reading on this solstice. Normally I only do these in-depth readings for members of my Patreon (a fun metaphysical membership part is brewing soon!) but I decided to make this one public because it was such a HUGE astrological event. In the video I break down the oracle cards, what they mean, and how to use the insight from them to orient YOU.

Wishing you a phenomenal end of year and an amazing winter solstice!

Love you so,


PS. If Fitness is ONE of the areas of your life you are looking to tackle for 2021, check out my upcoming accountability group. It’s going to blow your mind – promise!

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