Get Your Freak On! – 9 Week Control Freak Is Coming!

The wait is OVER and Autumn Calabrese’s brand new program is about to go live to the public and I am SO EXCITED for all of my warriors who will are able to participate in our VIP test group!

As you know I am not currently 4 months pregnant so completing this particular exercise program is not going to be possible for me.

HOWEVER, I’ve already decided this is going to be my COME BACK program post baby and I am so excited for it!!

For now, I will be living vicariously through my members as they CRUSH this program. So, let’s dive into what this program is and why I am so so SO excited for it (really close to how I felt about 80 Day Obsession 2 year ago).

First of all, it’s Autumn’s program which LETS BE REAL – she is an insanely talented trainer and SO GOOD at teaching on screen. Her workouts always give me exceptional results and she knows her ISH when it comes to nutrition.

Here’s a trailer for this new program.

So let’s talk about about some of the amazing equipment you just saw featured and that will be included in your fitness bundle when you join:

  1. The core balance ball – primarily used for core work
  2. The control track – I’m SO FLIPPING PUMPED ABOUT THIS ONE because it’s going to allow gym style training right in your home!
  3. The step – will come as an OPTION for this program, those who joined us for Transform 20 will already have it and if you’d like to add it, you can.

What else is included in your fitness bundle?

  • a 12 month membership to a digital fitness library featuring over 1500 different workouts including EARLY ACCESS to 9 Week Control Freak
  • 30 day supply of my favorite nutritional meal supplement OR my fav pre/post workout supp OR both options
  • Access to BOTH our nutritional courses 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix FOR FREE
  • Free 30 day trial of our NEWEST nutrition support program called Nutrition +
  • Container set to track macros
  • Food journal to track daily foods
  • Shaker cup

Now let’s talk about what YOU get access to as a member of our Warrior Wellness Studio.

  • a VIP group on a third party app (the same app you’ll use to workout) to get daily check ins, info posts, inspirational posts and a safe and private space to ask questions.
  • Access to WEEKLY coaching from veteran coaches who have been doing these programs for YEARS and totally understand what its like to begin and need support.
  • A welcome packet designed to answer all your questions and get you in the right mindset to begin your journey.
  • a FB group for any warrior members on that Platform.

Is this exciting OR WHAT?!

And what does this eliminate?

X monthly gym fees

X expensive trainer fees

X no need to add in nutrition or supps because it’s already included

Workout from the COMFORT of your home and join us in a VIRTUAL gym space on zoom if you’d like! Get a year long membership to unlimited fitness, accountability, peer support, bonus recipe ideas, and all kinds of extras for ONE fee {ranging from $221- $281} and continue to enjoy supps and additional nutritional support as needed.

And here are some FANTASTIC results photos just to put the cherry on top…

Okayyyyyyy! I mean WHAT!? How freaking exciting is this? So here are some IMPORTANT dates for you and how you can add yourself to my official waitlist as this program is NOT even live yet:

  • December 21st program goes LIVE
  • January 11th our VIP support group begins

Your next steps:

  • Fill out this health assessment form for me so that I can get to know YOU better and learn about your needs.
  • Share THIS with your friends who would like to start the year of 2021 off feeling amazing and empowered and have them fill out the SAME form.
  • Expect a response from me in 24-48 hours!

Any questions? Please feel free to drop them below!

So excited to start this journey alongside all of you! Here’s to becoming a control freak!

xo Coach Shakti

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