Energy Report: New Moon In Libra [October 2020]

First of all, YES, I am aware that this is just a TAD late and that the new moon was, in fact, several days ago.

That is because our Patreon fam are the ones that get LIVE and immediate access to these recordings and everyone else gets them afta. All good tho, the lessons are STILL valuable!

Now Libra is the keeper of scales and yes, balance.

Does this means Libras are balanced?


It means they SEEK for it constantly AND they also have a high sense of justice.

This energy comes into our lives asking YOU where you need to create more balance and harmony in your life AND she brings some surprising requests, also.

Ps. New Moons are also NOTORIOUSLY awesome for starting new ventures and THIS quarter of the year is notoriously awesome for setting up coaches in our industry to have an explosively successful first quarter of the following year – so – if you’re looking for a side gig (or a solid career plot twist, like me!) that involves some of my FAVORITE f- words (fun, fitness, and freedom) check it out and drop me a line. I’d love to set up a time to chat with you and see if this could be a rocking way to end your year!

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