Sovereign ASF – Ep 2

Episode two coming at ya!

This episode was recorded and released about four days ago to my Patrons fam and I think it’s such a valuable one in terms of energy management during a time that seems to be continuously MORE chaotic and insane.

Episode ONE was released exclusively as an audio for patrons and it was discussing how to use LOA (Law of Attraction) for weight loss and body image and I think it was also a really juicy one. That community always receives early access to these episodes as well as the New/Full Moon Energy reports and the exclusive 5 minute morning meditations which are THE BOMB if I do say so myself!

So you can expect from THIS episode a break down of the current energy on the planet and how YOU can best make your way without getting sucked into the drama that is whirling around us like a giant sh*t storm.

Have questions? Comments? How are YOU doing right now? Share below!

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