Sovereign AF – Episode 1

Law of Attraction & The Ideal Body

Law of Attraction is not an abstract concept that is woo-woo and considered to be out there anymore.

After the CIA released documents PROVING that the mind is capable of calling to it specific realities using the pineal gland and it’s expansive imaging capacities, it is now WELL understood that we have this ability.

Most people are accustomed to using this for the attraction of THINGS:

  • Money
  • Jobs
  • Cars
  • Romantic Partners
  • Opportunities

But never is there a conversation about how we can use this for our physique and our own health goals! This is SUCH an important conversation. It is just as easy to pull from the probability cloud something we desire for our well being as it is a physical experience otherwise.

In this episode I give you some of my practices and some solid resources that I have used to help me with this kind of work personally and professionally.

Episode 1

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