Energy Report: New Moon in Virgo

Every month I put out a bi-weekly report on the New and Full Moon.

These reports are not necessarily astrological breakdowns, although astrology does play a part in the report, it is more an assessment of the current energy on the planet and how to work with it, what we can expect of it, and how to unpack specific parts of our own lives that may be exceptionally impacted by these transitions.

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Some main features I have noticed of this particular New Moon:

  • The need for SPACE: a deep calling for space that is uninterrupted by the presence or the energy of others.
  • The need for QUIET: a sensitivity to sound especially in the early hours calling for internal sense of space no invaded by external sound.
  • The need for REFLECTION: practices like journaling and meditation seem INCREDIBLY important right now to help us feel sane.
  • The need for REST: exhaustion is REAL and it’s clawing at our heels asking us to slow down, lay down, and just be.
  • The need for ORDERLINESS: getting rid of clutter, opening up living spaces, organizing and making sure everything has a PLACE – this is the energy of VIRGO in action.

Other ascension symptoms that seem particularly hightened right now include:

  • Restless sleep
  • Appetite increase or suppression
  • Heaviness in the body

Watch the replay of this live event below!

(Event has not yet started. Upload will follow event.)

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