Fireside Friday #40

This is not a show kosher for children.

I cuss.

Quite a bit.

At this point I am BESIDE myself with how we’ve been lied to and specifically manipulated to distrust just ONE party (the Republicans) and trust the other (Democratic party). It’s always been the case that the lower and middle class put their TRUST in the Democratic Party and for a great MANY years – I believed that party did have our best interest at its center.

For the record – both parties are full of trash and darkness. HOWEVER, one party has painted itself as the savior of the poor while DELIBERATELY ruining minorities and POC therefore, I’ve got bones to pick with them. Lots of them.

The Democratic Party has literally lost its shit.

It has gone as extreme as I ever thought it could possibly go and it is deliberately trying to bring down the republic so that WE the citizens BEG to have change and turn it over to THEM.

This is a CLASSIC socialist/communist move. It’s how Venezuela and Cuba and Russia were ALL taken over by Marxists.

Tonight’s show we are going to revisit our HISTORY and we are going to remember how this country was designed and for what purpose and we are also going to blow MASSIVE holes in lots of the theories so many of us accepted as true, i.e. global warming. Yeah – we’re going there.

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