SOVEREIGN ASF – the podcast: The Lions Gate 8/8/2020

Hey everyone!

It’s been a literal age and quite honestly 2020 came at me so fast I needed to step away for a HOT MINUTE and process the crazy that was occurring so I could really decide where I was going to pour my energy to be able to serve the MOST people possible.

Since last we met, I started a PATREON !!

Patreon exclusive content includes:

  • Alternate narrative (re: conspiracy theories that are actually true) in video, article format.
  • New Moon and Full Moon energy reports w/ option for live readings
  • A PDF daily exercise journal of choice (upon joining) that used to be included in my private coaching program.
  • A live radio show (Sovereign ASF) which will eventually become a podcast episode but only patrons get to attend live.
  • Slides of my famous Fireside Friday Chats where I follow weekly current events so you can over that content on your own time.
  • Opportunity to decide what content gets created!

This space gives me an opportunity to share all the content I love MOST (and some seemingly SPICY content) to a select population of people that appreciate that material AND to financially support my content creation. For all of you who have already become patrons THANK YOU SO MUCH. For those of you who would like to contribute and take advantage of all the perks, come on in! You also receive my content schedule ahead of time including video launches, live radio shows (which eventually become this podcast), and an opportunity to engage in live Q&A!

This radio show has been a really fun way of communicating with patrons about the ever evolving current times in a space that felt intimate and personal.

This particular episode is one of my FAVORITES as the current frequency we are navigating feels liberating and SO exciting!

How has your 2020 been so far? What are some of the greatest lessons you are retrieving from it? Share in the comments below!

Love you so much,


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