From Chronic Quitter to Steady Achiever

During this global crisis, I’ve chosen to start making daily videos that bring illumination in some area of life that I have found really insightful and helpful.

This particular video is around my fitness story and how I went from being someone who constantly quit on my health and my progress to being someone who completed dozens of programs.

It wasn’t just about fitness, either.
I quit on EVERYTHING in my life.
If it got hard, or I did not get it right away – I would quit.

So even though I considered myself to be intelligent, capable, and driven I couldn’t complete BASIC goals I had set for myself.

I’ve had to sit with this for a long while.
I’ve had to ask myself some DEEP questions and get real honest with myself about WHY I was constantly giving up on me.

In this video, I dive into that story and also the massive takeaways that shifted me away from that way of being into a way of being that supports my growth and continued achievement even in crisis.

It starts with ONE mindset shift and then unravels a whole world of possibility and growth.
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I hope you stay radically well, safe, and surrounded by love. Sending you all so much love from here. Always here to connect.

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