How To Finally Lose The Weight You’ve Been Trying To Lose For 10 Years. (Not What You Think.)

So it’s the beginning of the year – heyo what’s up 2020!- and MANY of us are back at it DETERMINED to make it the year we finally lose that stubborn a** weight we’ve been trying to lose since 2010 (or 1999 or 89 or 79 okay, you’ve lost track). So all the gym memberships are purchased, and the meal planning is tackled, and the personal trainer is hired, and you are IN, sister! This is YOUR year. You know it. You can feel it! This is it.

And then three weeks in, “life happens” and you skip a gym sesh, cancel on the trainer, pick up that Chic fil A on the way home and then berate yourself for hours after your kids are in bed for “failing” again.

What happened?

You were SO committed! You were SO excited! You KNEW this was your year!!

Do you have no willpower? Are you lazy? Are you unmotivated? Do you not care?

NO. None of that. Here is where EVERYONE drops the ball when taking on the HUGE task of changing your lifestyle – your philosophy never changes.

Make no mistake about it, creating healthy habits requires a level of discipline, focus, and commitment that you cannot turn on over night. Especially if you’ve spent YEARS doing the total opposite of all of that. You don’t just become a different person immediately. The person you are NOW has certain habits. The person who has the lifestyle you want is a totally different person with totally different habits.

So the answer then is: Become the person who has the life you want.

Now, you’re probably reading this like, alright Shakti, that’s great and all but HOW do I become that person? What are the steps, girl? HELP.

Got you. BREATHE. Cuz this is big. You ready? Alright…

The way you become the kind of person that maintains the habits you are trying to adopt long enough to SEE the results you are trying to achieve is to fall in love with the process itself.

Here is where the philosophy shift becomes imperative. Up until now, most of y’all think of exercise and eating cleanly as, “something I gotta do to lose weight.” And another percentage of y’all are thinking about it as deprivation, starvation, sacrifice, punishment, etc. etc.

NOW – if YOU were a BRAIN, and you received messages like THAT, would you be pumped about this new lifestyle?


You’d be trying EVERYTHING you could to abort mission as FAST as possible so you don’t have to suffer. Because your brain is designed to keep you SAFE and if it feels like you are in DANGER or you are going to SUFFER it is going to pull out real quick.

This is why you quit every time.

You change the behaviors –> without changing the philosophy –> the brain panics –> a slight inconvenience occurs –> gives the brain a reason to stop –> you stop.

Then momentum takes over and you’re done done.

How you get it to STICK is starting with your philosophy.

When you believe that exercising is FUN, that you feel AMAZING when you do it, that you get ENERGY, that you look RADIANT, that you feel STRONG, that you come ALIVE when you workout – you gonna wanna workout.

When you believe that nourishing your body cleanly equals self love and self respect, that you’ll sleep better, move better, thinking more clearly, have more stable moods, be a better person, avoid dangerous diseases, and heal from any diseases you might have – you gonna wanna eat right.

Your results depend 100% on the processing mechanism of your mind.

Meaning, your results depend 100% on the philosophy with which you FRAME the experience you’re having.

And guess what? The person you are trying to become? They love the process.

The person you are wanting to become already fell in love with moving, eating well, sleeping well and THAT is why they kept going and THAT is why they have the result you want.

So before you go all out on a bunch of action to get you going – make sure you have your PHILOSOPHY right. The rest is a walk in the park, or on the treadmill.

Love you,


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