4 Questions To Ask Yourself At the Start of Your 2020 Fitness Journey

It’s the start of the New Year and SO many of us are gearing up for a brand new adventure in fitness and claiming our health!

Some of us have been setting the S A M E intentions for YEARS, tho.

We mean well. We KNOW we need the change. We want it. But after two weeks of trying our hardest to keep our new baby habit going, we always end up fizzling out, procrastinating, and then telling ourselves we’ll handle it next year.

Except we won’t. Because we didn’t already. Most likely, because we dropped the ball on one of these four things.

It’s really important that you understand that it’s not about willpower. It’s not that you’re not strong enough or smart enough. It’s your BRAIN.

Your brain is wired for COMFORT. It’s wired for familiar. It is NOT wired for new things, personal fulfillment, or adventure. In fact all of those things TERRIFY your brain. It wants nothing to do with that because frankly, all those new things are inefficient. Anything that’s going to take MORE energy from your brain is a NO GO for it.

So in order for you to have the success you want, you have to have systems in place to support you. Systems that take into account that you WILL want to bail and that you WILL find this super freaking hard.

It’s also OKAY that it’s hard.

It’s OKAY that you’ll want to bail.

It’s OKAY that you haven’t nailed this yet.

Because it’s a NEW time now. A NEW part of your life. A NEW amazing frontier for you. It’s such an exciting time for you.

Below I’m going to share the four key things you need to ask yourself before you gear up for your 2020 fitness journey from someone who has spent nearly 4 years helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

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