The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned As An Online Business Owner.

This morning after dropping off my son at school I decided to spend the rest of the morning at a coffee spot to complete some work and enjoy some local coffee here in the great ATL before we move to Florida in January.

Not gonna front – my mind is still REELING realizing the time for leaving this city is so close.

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday and it was also the day we finalized the sale of our home here in Atlanta – our first home as a family; to say that the emotions were high is a massive understatement.

If I thought buying our first home was intense, selling it was moreso.

Alongside the sale of our home, purchase of a new home, and relocation details of our entire family is the complete overhaul of my professional identity.

For the past 8 years I have, quite proudly, identified as a highly skilled chronic pain & injury massage therapist. It has been my pride and joy.

That skillset has facilitated healing in thousands across different cities and states and has taught me an IMMEASURABLE amount about the relationships between body-mind and trauma healing. It deepened my spirituality and my connection to humanity and also gave me a solid base of professionalism from which I was able to blossom financially.

In the past 3 years (since having my son) I shifted gears somewhat and began the – seemingly insurmountable task – of growing an online business focusing on a different passion of mine – fitness, nutrition, and mindset. I chose to do this alongside my career as a therapist. Truly the two fit hand in glove – I was physically helping people heal AND I was helping them create a lifestyle of sustainable health at home.

Very quickly two things became apparent simultaneously: bodywork was becoming increasingly more taxing on me energetically, and my work online with health clients was becoming increasingly more fun and appealing.

It wasn’t long before I made the decision that at some point “soon” I would be closing the chapter of my career as a therapist and would transition full time to serving others in a NEW way; a way that would allow me to continue to be a servant leader AND offer me time freedom, flexibility, unlimited income earning potential, and an ability to bite into the entrepreneur lifestyle I ALWAYS wanted.

Let me just insert this disclaimer here: I have been opening and closing businesses since I was 21. This was NOT my first business rodeo. But it was my first ONLINE business rodeo.

I LOVED business. From the moment I opened my first one I knew this was the life for me. So much creativity, freedom, expansion was possible for an entrepreneur as well as crazy income earning potential. AND so much risk management and stress management as well. However, compared to the brick and mortar business I had in the past – the online world was a GAME CHANGER.

It’s been three years since I opened my online business helping busy women with simple fitness and nutrition tools. It’s also been three years since I started mentoring up and coming fitness entrepreneurs in this business so they can do the same work I do.

Am I exactly where I want to be long term with my success? No.

Do I feel like I still have SO MUCH to learn and grow in? Yep.

Are there days I want to quit and throw in the towel and throw tantrums? YES and I do.

Are there also days when I feel proud and amazing and inspired? YES.

The GREATEST mistake the budding entrepreneurs who join me make is not giving themselves enough time to REALLY become. Become the kind of person who blossoms INTO a real entrepreneur with a REAL profitable business.

Here’s the thing – it takes time. Somtimes, a long time. Like a decade. Would you still be game?

Because if the answer is NO, the entrepreneur life is not for you. Cut your losses short and dip.

Are there people who make a mint fast? Yes.

Do I think that’s healthy? No. Because often times, that person struck GOLD with no time to BECOME the kind of person who could HOLD ON to the gold. So what good is it to strike it, if you aren’t a wise steward of it and know how to replicate it?

I don’t wanna strike gold.

I want to learn how to MAKE gold – forever.

I absolutely LOVE helping women heal their food drama, recover their love of self image AND make a MINT. Helping women become profitable and financially solvent IS a form of self-care. And it matters TREMENDOUSLY.

When women are financially FREE they can make choices based on their SOUL and HEART not on their circumstances. This inevitably leads to a happier home, happier relationships, happier children and a happier world.

But it WILL take you time. It WILL require that you go all in. It WILL require work. But if you’re game sister – the world is yours.

What I know is that come January 10th I will be able to close my laptop, move to an entirely new city and state, and be able to open it and continue to earn income with zero interruption. That, my friends, is worth EVERY effort you can muster.

Loving you all the way,


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  1. Great post!

    Morgan Snyder here from SLC, UT. I work for a digital health startup called Tula Health.

    Would love to connect and share stories with a fellow entrepreneur.


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