Alignment & Decision Making

Hey! Yes I’m still alive!

This month has been W I L D. After a month long kidney infection, I am back and ready to talk about something that is actually REALLY apropo for this season – DECISION MAKING.

This is the time when we start looking forward to 2020 and start asking ourselves, “How do I want this next year to be different than this one?”

Understanding how alignment plays into this is PIVOTAL so you know how to manage your energy, focus it, and get the MOST out of your manifestation game. Right now we are in the middle of some BIG decisions. So, let’s unpack this together so you can have an amazing end of year and a ROCKSTAR 2020.

Also stay tuned until the end for some EXCITING options for kicking off your 2020 feeling your BEST.

AMP Ep. 41

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