The No-Effort Alignment Hack

This week’s episode is an alignment hack tip!

It took me FOUR TIMES to get this recorded for you all. Just saying.

Originally my topic was quite different, but then I employed this VERY same hack to my own life and thought to myself, this is SUPER useful. I bet others would like to know how effective this could be to reset their point of attraction.

Meditation is the ultimate alignment hack – but sometimes the resistance to meditation is high, let’s just be honest. We KNOW it’s good for us, but we resist it especially when it’s NEW.

So here is a quick and effective ASF technique to help you achieve a similar re-alignment all while using something you are already VERY familiar with!

PS. Some MAJOR announcements were made in this episode. Hang til the end for the reveal of a very new and very exciting new opportunity for YOU. <3

AMP Ep. 38

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