Frustration as the barometer for Alignment

In my work as a self-image coach, I run into the emotion of frustration perhaps more than most. It is the initial emotion my clients can identify when we first begin working together.

They are frustrated because “no weightloss programs work” or because no matter what they seem to do “they never have enough money” or they can “never find the soulmate” or they “can’t seem to stop getting sick”, etc. Frustration is what leads them to wanting change and often what gets them on a call with me.

It’s also the emotion that leads them to all their problem behavior: overeating, overspending, impulse moves, divorce etc.

Here’s what I’ve learned about frustration that is actually magical – it’s trying to show you where you are out of alignment. IT WANTS TO HELP. But most of us are so quick to shut it down with some numbing activity or with affirmations that we miss the opportunity to REALLY learn.

In this episode I give you a radical invitation to invite frustration into your life and let it sit with you and tell you EVERYTHING it has to share.

Here’s what I’ve learned since adopting this practice: a lot of the things it says are just pure vent, but SOME of the things you’ll hear are VERY valuable.

They directly communicate where it’s time to change things in your life. 

AMP ep. 37

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