EFT & Manifestation: How Tapping Facilitates The Law of Attraction

So you’ve heard about EFT, you’ve maybe seen the video on my site, you are like – alright, so this can help me get RID OF a whole bunch of stuff! That’s AWESOME.

Yes. Yes it can. A N D… it can also help you CREATE a bunch of stuff.

Wait…what?! Slow your roll – Shakti! What are you TALKING about?

Here’s the very simple truth friends – more often than not – you aren’t creating what you desire because you LACK desire, it’s because you HAVE resistance.

Resistance/emotional blockages/self sabotage etc will prevent you from having what you want – every – single – time. You can count on it and I’d be willing to bed – you already have.

The really beautiful thing about EFT is that it is BRILLIANT at removing blockages, right? It gets RID of stuff, right? So it absolutely RIDS YOU of self sabotage and roadblocks. It can activate your CHOICE and set you up to see opportunity and take it.

It is SUCH a remarkable facilitator for LOA. Truly impressive.

In today’s episode I dive into exactly this and explain why YOU should be crazy excited right about now!

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AMP Ep. 32

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