Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): What It Is & How it works

In this episode I talk about a technique that is part of the umbrella of Energy Psychology that has been blowing – my – mind lately with it’s efficacy in re-writing subconscious programming.

Yes – Energy Psychology is a REAL thing. Yes, it’s also very little known by the general public BUT it is frequently used by mental health practitioners.

Perhaps the MOST commonly known forms of Energy Psychology are – Meditation, Hypnosis, Sleep hypnosis and EMDR. EMDR is very recently gaining traction for helping people with PTSD and various trauma related issues.

What all energy psychology formats have in common is that they facilitate the re-write of the subconscious programming in REAL TIME. We no longer just sit around and talk about our issues and try and think positive thoughts- we are going IN and re-wiring those suckers!

Needless to say – this whole camp is my speed. And I’ve been using almost ALL of them in my own life with TREMENDOUS success. So when I leaned into EFT which is based IN the body/mind connection it was not long before I fell in love pretty hard.

I’ve used it on phobias, cravings, emotional issues and even physical pain!

So far my results are truly astounding and I am THRILLED to introduce this to my community and to offer them an opportunity to do this work with me! SURPRISE Yes I’m getting certified! ((Woot!)) Stay tuned!

AMP Ep. 31

2 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): What It Is & How it works

    1. Yes it absolutely does help with insomnia! That’s one of the most popular uses of the technique. I’m happy to schedule a session with you. Send me an email at Shakti@Shaktirios.com and share a little bit about your history with insomnia and we get you scheduled. <3

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