Worth The Effort: The Significance of Seeing Yourself Do Hard Things

In this episode I share an experience I had on social media with a post I read which put fitness in the same category as rapid weight loss gimmicks like diet pills, wraps, etc.

Did I believe she thought she was doing that when she wrote the post? No. But is this something that happens ALL THE TIME since the weightloss industry rubbed all up on the fitness industry? Yes. And therefore I decided it needed a mention.

Needless to say the burn was real.

The longer I turned this over in my mind, the more I realized exactly WHY that post totally missed the point of fitness and how this serves as an EXCELLENT example of what happens when we see ourselves do difficult things we never imagine we could.

It’s not just about fitness – it translates INSTANTLY into your life in all ways.

It’s about a culture that is obsessed with “get it quick” and often goes for that at the expense of their well being and sanity.

How about going for it because you want it and NOT being afraid of the work? Who would you become when you see yourself do hard things and THRIVE? How would that change your self image?

These are massively important questions.

It’s the difference I see in my clients that lean IN and my clients that don’t. It’s the difference I see in my clients that sustain long term results, and my clients that won’t.

AMP ep. 28

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