The Four Core: Organizing Material Reality For Maximum Growth

In this episode I just touch upon the concept of Four Core as I will be teaching on inside of TAU as well as in private sessions.

Four Core was a download I received from my guidance about the most useful way to organize our human experiences as we are trying to navigate personal evolution.

This “experience chart” gives us a new language to view our time here and to assess our current time in each.

TAU will be the first place where I teach on Four Core as a “masterclass” style teaching as well as coaching and it will be the format for all coaching sessions moving forward.

Typically one pillar (or core) affects the others. It may be the case that all FOUR feel under reconstruction at one time. But most often there is ONE that seems to take up all our time and attention and becomes almost like a point of distraction which then creates imbalance in the other three.

There are also some EXCITING announcements for updates on TAU, as well as a NEW fitness focus group I’m putting together starting July 29th, AND the last chance to join my online fitness buisness mentorship program.

For a deeper practice of Four Core join Tau for August

AMP Ep. 27

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