How We Built Our Online Fitness Business And How You Can Too!

One of the greatest joys of my life has been helping other women heal from their unhealthy relationships to food and body image.

It started three years ago when I had my son and found myself in the WORST depressive spiral of my life.

I knew that I needed SOMETHING to pull me out of that and to give me something to look forward every day.

My commitment to nutrition and fitness, paired with the community that welcomed me totally, and the mentorship I received in building a brand new business on the internet (something I had never done) radically transformed my life.

This past weekend my best friend, and business partner, and I returned from our yearly conference and we decided to host a live video with our experience of the conference but also talk about WHAT this business is and how it has worked for us.

You can watch our live event here!

To apply to join our community business and to start your OWN online fitness business and be in our NEXT training group please fill out the form below. Expect to hear a response from me within 24-48 hours.

Enrollment is OPEN July 16th-July 22nd.

So excited to connect with you and to have the time to talk with you to see if this avenue could be the game changer it was for us.

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