Morning Meltdown 100: A hundred days to a New Life

On the tail end of an incredible business conference in Indianapolis where I spent four glorious days with my fit family, working out together, discussing new program and product launches, connecting with team mates, hearing client success stories and so on, I am swimming in radical gratitude for a community that took me in at my LOWEST point and showed me how to rebuild myself with simple and effective fitness tools.

20 years ago this company launched its first workout program and would become the company to revolutionize the “at home fitness” concept. Anywhere you go, you ask people if they’ve heard of P90x and it’s always a resounding YES.

Since P90X MANY other really incredible programs have been created and launched by this same company and the newest one coming is no exception.

Together, we are about to commit to 100 days of magic.

Fitness has been my gateway to a better understanding of personal power and alignment. At a point in my own life when I felt WEAKEST, dis-empowered, depressed, and isolated – I found a sense of internal fortitude that I had forgotten about.

I teach and talk alignment CONSTANTLY.

I believe that alignment is the GATEWAY to successful manifestation and creation. One of the most effective ways to align and change our state is: MOVEMENT. Movement is a very tangible, immediate way that we can alter our state and elevate our consciousness by engaging the body.

For the next 100 days, I am committing to helping YOU find your fight.

Find your light.

Find your alignment in movement.

What Is Included In the Program:

Mini-Meltdown 5 pack: Jericho wants you strong and ready for your commitment to 100 workouts. That’s why she’ll lead you
through these 15- to 20-minute prep workouts to get you familiar with the moves, and give you the fire you’ll need to help you succeed.

100 Unique Workouts: The program is broken down into 5 phases, 20 workouts each. In each phase, you’ll do 10 workouts, then crank up the intensity by adding challenges to the next 10.

Be 100 Book: Part inspirational coffee-table book, part daily tracker, part journal—this is your companion during your Morning Meltdown 100 journey. You’ll sign your commitment to 100 workouts, and then use the
book day by day to finish strong. You’ll use this not only to keep track of your daily workouts, but to also stay inspired and motivated to give every morning everything you’ve got.

Nutrition Guide: To burn through 100 workouts you’re going to need the proper fuel from an eating plan that gives you healthy, delicious, filling foods that help you get results. Together we’ll decide which of the nutrition programs is best for you and set you up.

Get Started Guide: A quick overview of all things Morning Meltdown 100, and a great place to start your workout journey.

Wall Calendar: See which workout you’ve got on deck for the day—then cross it off when you’ve crushed it.

Sample the Workout Here!

What Is Included For Accountability:

  • A private fitness tracking app where you will be able to log daily and keep progress photos (privately), as well as receive daily guidance from me and your peers.
  • Access to LIVE group workouts via video where you can join other members of the MM100 group and complete your workouts together!
  • Access to weekly accountability calls with me and support group.

It’s important to me that you have a total transformation within and without.

Not only will you have access to an incredible program that you can access from ANYWHERE and powerful tools to help you maximize your results, you will have consistent and focused mindset support to make sure you stay focused when it gets tough, because as you know, it will.

When you FILL OUT YOUR APPLICATION to join us you will be contacted within 24-48 hours about setting up you custom fitness and nutrition plan as well as your custom mindset support program.

So thrilled to support you on your 100 days to a New Life. Let’s do it.

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