Body/Mind/Spirit: An Outdated Model For Personal Evolution

Welp, there goes what most holistic practitioners have been teaching on body/mind/spirit!

My most recent download from my guides has been a fascinating one.

I’ve been made to understand that the model many holistic practitioners have presented on working in body/mind/spirit is actually an outdated understanding of the relationship between those three concepts.

In this episode I share what I was given and what the NEW understanding of spiritual evolution by way of material existence can yield us in personal advancement.

A big shout out to modern neuroscience and all that it is working to uncover so that we can really understand this in a tangible way.

Body/Mind/Spirit are not in fact THREE different things and they are not in fact carrying the same influence or metaphysical “weight”. As modern neuroscience continues to evolve alongside quantum physics we are beginning to understand a very real model for the relationship between the larger energetic part of who we are and the dense material components of our being.

From this understanding I have been given a new training model to help clients assess the four main pillars of material existence and how to maximize our spiritual evolution by way of them instead of IN SPITE of them.

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AMP. Ep. 26

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