Acknowledge Your Current Reality AND Call In The Manifestation of a New One.

“Be in the world, but not of it.” Highly quoted phrase by a highly regarded prophet. This is not JUST a message of faith – in general terms – it is HOW we create new realities. Manifestation does not require that you abandon your life, it DOES require that you shift your focus.

For new realities to be given a chance at life, it is important that we can nurture them and help them flourish WITHIN our current reality. This proves exceedingly difficult when those two realities are quite different and seem to contradict each other.

Manifestation is a BEAUTIFUL art and does not have to an arduous and drawn out process. In fact many teachers have shared that miracles can happen in a true instant as soon as our perspective shifts. It is my hope that this episode help you do EXACTLY that.

If you haven’t listened to the episode on my six steps for manifestation, give it a listen!

In this episode I help you understand HOW to do this and also why it’s SUCH an important component of the manifestation process.

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AMP Ep. 25

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