Compassion Is The Right Answer: How To Navigate Divisive Times In Our Society Without Losing Our Souls

If you’ve been paying ANY attention to the news and what is happening in several states in the US, then you are well aware that the HEAT is on right now and there is ANGER and BETRAYAL everywhere. 

Both sides of this discussion are red-hot and quick to jump at each others throats to defend their beliefs and perspectives. 

Here is the Truth you need to know right now – THAT energy is MORE of what we don’t want. Cutting each other down to size is the the LOWEST frequency action we can possibly take at this moment.

It is NOT God’s work, it is DARKNESS in full effect. In this episode I give a STRONG call to action to all my light workers in the world – it is our responsibility to uphold light now and ALWAYS. No excuses. 

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AMP Ep 19

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