The Greatest Money Block You Never Knew You Had

Most people would absolutely say YES! when asked if they would like to make or receive more money.

(There may be some few rare cases where that is NOT the case, but roll with me here!)

We, as students of law of attraction and manifestation, spend so much TIME and ENERGY put into the study of “how to attract more money”.

AND YET the shame around promoting services/products and selling has become so THICK many of us are drowning in our lack mentality/realities.

I totally unpack this in episode 5.

Let’s take a look at how money/earning became correlated with “dirty” or “sleazy”. And how is it possible that so many of us continue to buy into this belief at our own expense?

So many of my students are deeply desiring to improve their financial circumstance AND they are caught between their desire and their template.

A template is a term I use to describe a mental structure we put into place at VERY young ages that inform us about how the world works. It is often adopted from parents and guardians and continues to inform our decisions into the future often hurting or limiting us.

In order for your situation to improve you MUST get entirely on board – this means BRAIN + SPIRIT moving in the SAME direction.

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AMP EP.5 Season 1

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