Miscreation: When You Manifest What You Do Not Want

The law of creation is active ALWAYS.

We create AND we miscreate.

In this episode I speak about miscreation as “missing the mark” with our deliberate creation. When we create realities in our life that we do NOT want.

I also speak about the fear of feelings and how important it is to FEEL your feelings AND how to avoid it becoming the grounds for miscreation.

It is so important to really get to know your feelings and to honor them FULLY. With doing this you unbox the emotion, take the charge away, and THEN get to choose what to create NEXT consciously.

Miscreation is really feedback.

It’s feedback for where your template/frequency is currently engaging and it gives you the ability to CHOOSE change. It is not a bad thing. When you have this awareness – everything changes.

This is so much of the work we do in TAU. By helping you GROW your awareness you have the ability to take control of your reality. Let’s dive in.

TAUP Episode 9 – Miscreation

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