What Is Alignment +Welcome!

I’ve LONG since desired to create and publish a podcast that embodied all I know and LOVE about deliberate creation.

I really enjoy blogging, but there is something special about hearing someone’s voice and really getting to jive with the tonalities of the message that really speaks to me personally.

Maybe it’s my love of mantras and chants – who knows!

As I’m transitioning this podcast to exist EXCLUSIVELY on this site, check out all the amazing episodes.

In this one I speak DIRECTLY about my definition of alignment as it pertains to our spiritual journey and how I am going to be addressing it in future episodes. I also give a brief history of where I have collected all of this wisdom from and why I feel it is part of my lifes work to bring to all of you.

As the caption reads – PLEASE NOTE: When I started this project it was called The Alignment Academy. Due to the fact that another project already exists out there in the world with this title, I chose to change it to TAU.

To learn more TAU – Alignment Mastery Program visit the page!

AMP Ep. 1

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