Why “IT” Hasn’t Happened Yet.

A huge part of the work I do is helping business partners inside my fitness business team develop and grow their businesses.

Some of the coaches are newer and we are working on establishing a base for businesses and basic understanding of technical know-hows.

Some of the coaches have been within the team for a while and they are wanting to expand to the next level of leadership in their businesses and see growth in their income and impact.

No matter what phase these coaches are in, the number ONE thing that will keep any of them from achieving any level of success in their business is the SAME.

It does not matter if you’re currently earning 6 figures and you want to get to 7. Or if you have NEVER had a business and you are starting from ground zero. What will hold you back is THE SAME CONCEPT.

At this point most people would offer up reasons like:

  • Poor judgement
  • Not knowing enough
  • Bad luck
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough time
  • Burned out
  • Overwhelmed

And they would only be 1/4 correct. Because ALL of those things are side effects of the ONE thing.

The number ONE thing that will keep anyone from going to where they want to go next is the story they tell themselves about it.

Whatever thoughts they have chosen to have about what they want, that are incoherent with their desire for the thing they want, will be the reason they do NOT advance.

For example, someone decides they will join our team as a business partner. They have a passion for fitness and nutrition and they really want to help people. AND they simultaneously believe that all multi-level marketing companies are a scam, or they are too time consuming, or all their friends will judge them. BOOM – incoherent desires/beliefs = failure.

Another example, someone decides they want to earn 6 figures in their business and they want to go ALL IN. AND, they simultaneously resent the government taking taxes and thereby prevent themselves from earning MORE because they know deep down they will end up paying more.

These are two prominent examples of how our stories directly conflict with our desires. There are so many more >> We say we want to have a great impact in the world and then simultaneously obsess over our privacy and not being publicly known. >> We say we want to get ripped and super fit and simultaneously believe that if we feel/look more attractive we will get negative attention. The list is truly endless.

Whatever it is that YOU desire, in order to attain it, you must make sure all points of focus are headed in the SAME direction. It is essential that we become the kind of person that is a CONTAINER for the desired experience.

Becoming the container means re-writing the template that you created for your reality early on that has become incoherent with your new desires.

In my most recent podcast episode, I discuss this phenomenon under the title “Why The Manifestation Hasn’t Happened Yet.

Know that you are one template re-write away from a powerful new experience of life and that I am cheering you on THE WHOLE WAY.

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