The PODCAST is here! Welcome To The Alignment University Podcast.

The Podcast is FINALLY HERE.

I am beyond thrilled to have this stage of my work completed and available to all of you. It has been a LONG TIME dream to create a consumable product that could follow you wherever you are without necessarily slowing you down so you’d have to scroll and read if you did not have time.

I, personally, love Podcasts because they are SO easy to switch on when youre out and about during errands, or chores, or taking a walk. You just press play and magical information just pours into you! What delight. For a TRUE Ravenclaw like myself, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Many of you know that in January I launched a group coaching project called The Alignment University. This project is a metaphysical group coaching experience that combines my experience as a coach with channeling to bring students an optimized experience of growth. I also wanted to create something that wider audiences could have access to that sort of covered a similar terrain as the University and would be free to all. This is when the podcast was born!

In the podcast I will be teaching ALL about my experience, wisdom, learning, and beliefs regarding alignment, law of attraction, and manifestation. My goal is to help you make contact with these concepts in a way that CLICKS and allows you to use the law effectively to deliberately create a beautiful life. It will not be as in depth as what students inside the University receive, but it will help GREATLY in expanding that conversation to large audiences.

Episodes will be released weekly and YES I am taking requests for content. So if you DO have personal questions on this that you’d like for me to cover email me at with the subject line “PODCAST TOPIC” and I will be delighted to maybe create an episode entirely dedicated to Q&A!

Here is the OFFICIAL announcement on my FB page with a little message from yours truly.

Below is the direct link to the podcast hosting site and of course if you LOVE what you hear, leave me a review, share it with your community, and let us get this conversation flowing in even larger spaces for the benefit of our collective ascension.

To Listen To Podcast

Here is the website to the podcast itself, you can also find it on ANY major podcasting sites including Itunes, Spotify, Podcast Addict etc. Happy listening family!



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