So You Want To Start A Business? Great – READ THIS.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a serious American dream. In this country we are OBSESSED with the concept of being our own boss and time freedom – rightfully so as we were literally founded on that.

These days starting an online business is literally as easy as one click and less than $200. You can be up, running, and profitable in 24 hours. I want you to understand one very specific thing: prior to the internet, THIS WAS UNHEARD OF.

Historically, starting a business was a pain in the ASS. You had to collect a fuck ton of capital – probably from strangers because no one you knew had money – by convincing them about the profitability of your venture, secure a location, secure warehouses, manufacturers, hire lawyers, tax people, and droves of help and then WAIT for about 5 years before you really saw profit.

Needless to say, not many people were pounding down the door of entrepreneurship in those days. The amount of effort, dedication, and sheer tenacity required to make a business work even 25 years ago was insane. This is also why the people who DID dare to start, typically succeeded because they DUG in – they were invested and they were going to do whatever it took to see their dreams come true.

These days the ease with which one can start a business is a simultaneous blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing that literally ANYONE with access to the internet, a bank account, and the ability to learn from Youtube can start their own business and become a millionaire in about 6 years of concentrated effort.

It’s a curse because literally anyone can do this and THAT means many people are coming into the opportunity COMPLETELY unprepared for the task of creating a profitable business, who become easily dismayed with one rejection, and then also have such poor sense of personal responsibility they have the audacity to blame the business for their lack of success.

No Linda, your lipstick company is not why you weren’t profitable. Plenty of people want to buy fucking lipstick. YOU were not passionate about it, or were uneducated, or were not tenacious enough to grow a business, THAT is what actually happened.

So if you want to start a business, congratulations. It’s a beautiful, crazy, life changing, amazing adventure. It will grow you like few things can ( I liken it to parenthood because that’s literally the only other thing that’s been as massive of a pain in my ass) and it will ultimately make you a better person if you let it.

AND be aware that the moment you DECIDE to become an Entrepreneur an entirely different mindset is required of you and it WILL determine whether you make it or not.

I’ve been in and out of business for 11 years.

I know a thing or two about what it takes, how to fuck it up, how to figure it out, and how to fall in love with the obstacles. Entrepreneurship is one of my favorite things EVER and these days I get to mentor and teach dozens of health coaches to build online businesses doing what they love and helping others live better quality lives.

Below is a webinar I hosted with my best friend and fellow coach, Sable Santana. In it we cover the necessary mindset to generate multiple streams of income online as a Health Coach. We also share how we’ve done it and why we chose to do it our way. Whether or not you’d like to be a health coach, the first half of this webinar will REALLY help you. And if you ARE dreaming of becoming an online health coach, then I can personally mentor you to success.

Click on the red button below the video to get in contact with me directly about getting started on your own online health coaching business. Cannot wait to serve you in GROWING your business experience and your spirit. <3


Shakti xo

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