On Alignment: How Do We Stay IN It And Avoid Derailing Emotionally?

This was the question posed by one of my students in the Alignment University yesterday during our live call. She specifically expressed that for the most part she would do well getting into her vortex and feeling the alignment and then “life would happen” and a situation would occur and she’d find herself totally out and reeling in negative emotion. She wanted me to help her understand how to STAY in the alignment even when circumstances that are difficult arise.

My response may have shocked her and it may shock you, too.

You don’t. That’s the answer. You don’t stay in it.

As my own coach, Brooke Castillo, always reminds us – life is 50/50. This means that 50% of the time you’re gonna LOVE it and have a great time of your reality and 50% of the time shit is going to happen that is going to make you want to freak the fuck out inside. All of it is part of the human experience.


We have forgotten that we came here for this. We think we came here to make everything go our way. No dear one, THAT is where you came FROM. You came from the place where all things go your way. You came from perfection, ease, flow. You came HERE to learn, bump up against shit, push your edges, experience, expand. Earth is University, it’s not an amusement park. There are good moments, and difficult ones. It’s all SUPPOSED to be here.

We cause ourselves suffering when we believe we are not SUPPOSED to be having a certain experience. Any time you judge the experience you are having and tell yourself that you shouldn’t be having it – you will suffer.

Resistance causes more suffering than any actual circumstance EVER does.

It’s not what happens, but how you respond to it; the stories you tell, the beliefs you adopt, and all the things you make it mean about you. THAT is what’s painful.

We all experience painful emotion. We all have things that make us cringe inside. We all have great days and then find ourselves off in the bushes the next. The key is to know that. Expect that. Don’t make it a big deal and DON’T make it mean anything about you.

A huge part of the work in the alignment university is to help you develop your awareness so that when you DO find yourself off in the bushes (in the words of Abraham Hicks) you identify it quickly and can facilitate your way back. It’s not that you will STOP ever feeling negative emotion, it’s that you’ll be able to feel it without making it a really big thing, and then you’ll be able to coach yourself back into your vortex – THAT is the goal.

So if you’re ready to DEEPLY understand that and learn how to apply it to generate an experience of reality that you love, join us in the University for February. Cannot wait to meet you and help you live your most DARING dreams. <3


Shakti XO

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  1. “It’s not what happens, but how you respond to it.” This is so completely true. Thank you for the reminder. It feels like we can never be reminded of this too often!

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