Why You Aren’t Losing The Weight & The “Secret” Truth About Weightloss

A HUGE part of the work I do with clients is around weightloss and fitness. Primarily I attract mirrors of myself – emotional eaters and binge eaters that are anxiety filled depressives that use food as buffer instead of nourishment.

There’s actually A LOT of us. Many of us do a really good job of hiding this. We’re “respectable” people, with lovely families, amazing careers, seemingly perfect marriages, and all the while we have a life long battle with weight loss that feels suffocating and exhausting. To top it off we are so filled with shame about it, we cannot even bare to bring ourselves to talk about it so we just keep buying bigger clothes, or squeezing into too small clothes, denying what’s happening, sneaking food and smiling at gatherings like we aren’t secretly counting every calorie we’re ingesting and either defending it to ourselves or ripping ourselves apart for it.

This was my entire life FOR YEARS.

Hiding. Lying. Faking. Eating. Feeling. Repeating.

When I became a coach, I deliberately put myself in the spotlight. I knew that if others were watching my journey I’d have to stick to it “for real”. I used my new position of ‘coach’ as a bolster to make SURE I figured this shit out. Because one thing was blindingly certain – I could not keep living the life I was living.

In the three years I’ve been doing this work I’ve had the honor of working with MANY people – mostly women – on this subject. I’ve also witnessed hundreds more repeat cycles of diets, rebounding, starting, stopping, succeeding, regressing eventually making them terrified of trying anything new and leaving them wallowing in self pity for “failing” at losing weight.

People take on the Keto/Paleo/Vegan lifestyle with the diet mentality and eventually take a full dive out of it with a massive binge fest that leaves them feeling like SHIT. If this is you, it’s okay, really. It happens to almost everyone I know and there is a really solid reason for why.

Diets don’t work.

Deprivation doesn’t work.

But the health and fitness industry sort of banks on you believing it does so they can keep selling you shit to get the weight off – fat loss pills, keto drops, wraps, and all kinds of literal garbage that should not be in your body.

I’m in the fitness industry. And I’m boldly saying this. Because I KNOW it’s true. And even though I’m in the fitness industry, and I DO use workout programs and products, those aren’t the reason I’ve lost 35 lbs and kept it off. They facilitated it, sure. They were a HUGE component of it, yes. But that wasn’t THE reason.

This Saturday – December 29th 2018 – my best friend and fellow fitness coach Sable and I will be hosting a webinar to talk about the REAL secret to weightloss, share a bit about our own stories, and give you real time coaching to work through your roadblocks with weight loss.

Watch the replay and join us if it sounds like you’re kind of frequency! <3



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