Alignment Is A 3 Step Process

Starting in January you all will have access to my very first official podcast! ((Hooray!)) 

In this podcast we will be talking ALL THINGS alignment. The name of the podcast is The Alignment Academy Podcast. It was born of the metaphysical group coaching project I’m launching in January also called The Alignment Academy. 

The VISION for this podcast and for the group coaching experience is to help us as a global family to learn the very significant practice of alignment – coming into alliance with our soul and our soul’s sense of ‘direction’ – to create a life we deeply love. The reason this feels like such a significant contribution to my global family is because I hold the belief that if we learn how to do this consistently and we learn the value of creating a life by design, we will be FAR more interested in becoming cooperative components to life which means NOT propagating violence/suffering among our fellow humans.

By definition, alignment is about alliance, and when we are in alliance with ourselves we naturally desire to be in alliance with others generating harmony and peace. I firmly believe that these projects will GREATLY facilitate this reality for our world and I am thrilled to be founding them and launching them.

In the second episode of the podcast (the first three will be made available January when the podcast launches, make sure to follow this blog and sign up for the newsletter to be notified) I am talking about the download I received in regards to the process of manifestation. 

I was shown a six step process in which THREE of those steps were designated as the actual alignment part. Yes – alignment is not ONE step, it is actually a series of consecutive steps.

It is not enough to just feel into what we desire, we must be HELLA consistent about it, AND we must be willing to act from that place even in the face of debilitating fear and doubt. When we an manage to do these in unison, we achieve a state of alignment with the desired thing. 

The entire process of manifestation is very specific and while I hesitate to make these brash claims about anything spiritual in nature – cannot be skipped over or shortcut. It is in fact a LAW (law of attraction) and operates like one. This is where I believe MANY of us fall short and then we feel lost and wonder why the hell “it’s not working”. Whenever there is an element of ‘not working’ it’s typically because there is a kink in the hose somewhere and some work to be done around it.

What you will learn about manifestation will CHALLENGE YOUR LOGIC. You will think – there’s no way in hell that’s how it works. You will find yourself looking to make it HARDER, almost needing to so that you can justify why you feel stuck. It’s not hard. It’s very simple, actually. The ‘hard’ part is being willing to do the inside work that feels VERY uncomfortable a lot of the time…pretty much all the time, actually. #sorrynotsorry

So YES alignment is available to anyone and anytime and it is the way you design and bring to life a reality you love. And YES there will be many times where you feel like you’re stuck in a loop and don’t know why. And YES you will consume a lot of material on LOA and still find yourself at a point where its NOT clicking. That’s alright. We’ll get you there.

Stay tuned for the podcast. Learn more about the actual ACADEMY and how to enroll. Enrollment for the next month closes the third week of EVERY month. Any enrollments that happen at the end of the month will be active for the month after. <3

See you on the inside, starseed.



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