2019 – The Beginning of the Green Era.

I’ve said for a good while now that we are at the very edge of a new era in our experience as humans on the globe. An era I have lovingly referred to as the Green Era.

In some way this has very obvious connotations – environmental awareness, a return to Earth, divine feminine led. And in a less obvious expression, it is also the era of the HEART. The chakra color associated with the Heart Chakra is the color green.

As we enter the Green Era many things that once held great power will begin to seem…childish, impotent, and fake; like that moment when you realize the ‘gun’ you’ve been playing with this whole time is a toy made of plastic that has absolutely no power at all. For many this will be a time of great disappointment as several time/space delusions will crumble and what many once thought was SOLID will evaporate leaving a void of questions and confusion.

For those on the awakening path, this will be a time of extreme liberation. As we have been navigating this divide and its tension for some time, this era is our deep breath. It is the reward of rest after the long and tenuous spiritual quest we’ve been hiking; not that the work is EVER done, but this will be a time of great joy and peace among us. A time that won’t feel like a constant clash of metal on metal to get our voices heard or our dreams in motion.

The green era brings with it a distinct return home.

A return to simpler times and understandings. A return to valuing what we own, instead of consuming as quickly as we can. It is a return to wealth in the holistic sense, valuing all components of our lives equally without making money and prestige more important than physical health, mental health, and family.

Furthermore, the market and industry of business is also shifting.

We are headed toward a relational art of business; one in which value exchanged is of MOST importance and where the currency that is prized is the quality of the relationships a person can maintain over time. In this business model, competition/ hierarchy/ domination/ the power struggle will disappear and those insisting on running businesses under these concepts will quickly find themselves out of it, or extremely disheartened. This is a leading edge. A very different mindset now comes upon us for how we exchange goods and services. Those with genuine service oriented hearts and sharp minds will thrive feverishly. 

In my own attempt to serve the collective during the transition into this era, I will be offering a host of free events online as well as opportunities to invest that will serve you deeply.

On my Facebook business page SHAKTI RIOS you will find the following:

  • FREE Live Card Readings on New & Full Moons each month
  • One monthly master class on Relationships/Wealth/Food/Downloads

On this site under the tab WORK WITH ME you will find options for more interpersonal work and also opportunities to be mentored with my undivided attention:

  • Intuitive Readings
  • One on One Coaching Packages that include Readings
  • Alignment Academy  – our group coaching community

It is my greatest hope that during this time you can transition with grace and joy. That you find what most lights you up and brings you into the core of your alignment. During our time together the goal will be to bring you to the heart of who you are and to help you generate a life that stems from that essence of your heart – powerful, generous, wealthy, and vibrantly loving.

Happy Green Era friends.


Shakti <3

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