Let’s talk about Wealth, Baby.

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The other day I shared a photo of myself on Instagram talking about receiving an email in regards to renewing my Driver’s license. I mentioned that I genuinely forget that this is a ritual and typically when this announcement comes up in my life (like car registration, yearly subscriptions etc.) I panic because it was an unexpected bill and I did NOT plan for it.

This is how I’ve handled this situation literally EVERY day of my life. Panic. Stress. Overwhelm. Thoughts like, “Where the hell am I going to pull the money for this?

Here’s the thing, it’s only $27 dollars. That’s not, objectively, a lot of money. But for someone who is drowning in poverty consciousness and has created a reality where she is less than paycheck to paycheck those small bills can feel like a gigantic burden.

Sound familiar? I’m sure many of you right now are relating too hard. I feel you.

What I didn’t understand all those years is that I was consciously creating a reality where this was what happened. You might think, “Why the hell would anyone create this kind of a reality?” That’s a GREAT question and one that requires we look at the brain and how it operates.

Your brain is governed by two decision making powers: limbic system (lizard brain and oldest part of your brain) designed to keep you SAFE and the prefrontal cortex (much younger part of your brain) designed to help you make decisions based on preference. I’m aware that this is an OVERLY simplistic model of the neuroscience behind this, but neuroscience is not the point of this blog.

Because the limbic system is far older, it has STRONG pull. This is the part of your brain invested in keeping you in the safe and familiar zone. Necessary to point out that sometimes the familiar means something awful like an abusive relationship. It doesn’t matter that it’s a terrible relationship, it is familiar so the brain has decided it is SAFER than the unknown. Chew on that for a sec.

Depending on the messaging you received when you were young about money and the effects it can have in your family dynamic/safety/well being,  you readily get programmed with an aversion to wealth. You either adopt your parents’ poor relationship to money because again, familiar, or you see money as a form of devastation and problems. This will lead to an aversion to wealth consciousness as you get older which, naturally, leads to poverty consciousness behaviors like overspending, pinching pennies, judging wealthy people, playing the lottery excessively, etc.

So, how does this tie in to paying for a driver’s license?

I grew up poor. Immigrant family. A lot of sacrifices. Very little to go around.  I verily adopted all the confusing messages about money including that being a employee for 40 years somewhere and banking on social security was a good idea.

NEWS FLASH: this is a TERRIBLE IDEA unless you love your job.

So when I went out into the adult world and had to learn how to make a living, I quickly realized that being an employee at one job and relying on a biweekly paycheck was the absolute WORST thing I could do for myself. This meant:

  • Limited income potential
  • Income controlled by outside sources
  • Could lose my job at any time
  • HARDLY ever had a raise
  • If I had a raise it was pitiful
  • Slave to whatever hours they required
  • No time freedom

That was not going to work for me. Because even working 40+ hours a week, I was STILL not making enough money to pay basic bills let alone do anything else and pay off debt.

The moment I decided to become an entrepreneur and open my own business that WHOLE game changed. At the age of 21 I started my first business venture which was a bust but it was a start! From age 21-27 I had about 4 different business ventures, some great and others not so great, but I did learn one crucial thing: MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME WAS THE WAY.

Since April of 2016 I have had a successful and enjoyable online business as a health and fitness coach with one of the most incredible fitness companies in the world. It’s been ridiculously powerful to work such flexible business in between my massage clients, my intuitive reading clients, and my  1:1 life coaching clients. To date I have generated 5 different streams of income which has provided a very wealthy experience of life and feels REALLY exciting.

Currently, our coach team is enrolling new coaches who want to include a flexible, weekly income source into their routine centered around health and fitness. You will be personally mentored by me, provided all the tools and training you will need, and will blow yourself AWAY with whats possible for you.

You don’t have to give up your life to start a business – you can live your life, serve your clients AND generate more residual income all the while. Have that cake and eat it too, boo.

LEARN MORE HERE: www.coachshakti.wixsite.com/teammettamovement

So looking forward to helping you generate more wealth, more time freedom, and more of all the BEST life has to offer. No more scraping y’all – it’s time to really LIVE BIG. <3




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