2019 A Year of Yes: No Limits November

Every quarter of the year I get the distinct honor of sitting in a room with other fitness coaches, much like myself, growing businesses and healthier habits and wanting to know what the REAL secret is to basically, having it all in life.

This past Saturday one of the coaches on the Leaders panel really blew me away with her general approach to life and business. I could relate so much to how she got started as a coach (postpartum depression and anxiety) and also what drew her in to the community.

Essentially, she found herself, much like I did, living a miserable existence and scrolling through Facebook judging all her “healthy and happy” friends for what she saw as a successful life. She judged the fact that they read self help books and admittedly said she thought they were stupid. She though all shakes and supplements were scams. She had never been athletic in her life and did NOT understand exercising. Over all it just seemed “stupid” as she said.

Then she asked herself a pivotal question: “What if I just did everything these women are doing for an entire year of my life? What if I was willing to do everything that makes me SO uncomfortable about their lives? What if I could prove that either it DOES work or it doesn’t?” So she did. She committed to a year. Several years later she is a successful coach with a thriving business and in excellent health after her twins.

That question really resonated in my mind because it was almost identical to one I asked myself when I started the journey. I realized that my life was really bad and that something like this “fitness thing” and especially the business opportunity was at BEST going to make me some muscles and millions and at WORST make me some muscles. Both of those results seemed fucking fantastic to me. So I gave myself a year.

Three years later my life is barely recognizable in many ways. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been my entire life, happier, more whole, surrounded by powerful, industrious women, with a thriving income and a whole new dimension to my work and purpose. My year of YES turned out to be everything I needed and more. 

So now, I invite YOU to your year of yes. Watch the video below to learn more and message me to get you started! <3

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