My Secret Weapon for LIFE.


I wanted to share something REALLY personal that has deeply transformed my life:

My morning routine.

One of the benefits of working with me as a fitness and alignment coach is the ability to contact me one-on-one for a more personal coaching experience. This means helping you get organized with your fitness, nutrition, and schedule.

My 1:1 coaching time is INCLUDED in your fitness pack when you join our fitness community. That’s right – that shit is FREE.

The clients that do reach out and decide to work 1:1 will always walk away with one CRUCIAL understanding – you’ve got to win your day before your day wins you.

What does that mean?

It means before everyone in the house is up, before there is a possibility of anything going awry (as you know it will) in your house or outside your house, before you ever step foot outside your door – you’ve got to make sure you’ve already put your MIND in gear to win all day long.

There is VERY simple formula for how I do this every day and I am going to share it with you. It’s not hard. But it DOES require consistent practice. I can promise you that if you employ it for 30 days, by the end of it you will be a DIFFERENT person and you’ll blow yourself away.

Alright, so here is exactly what I do daily.

1.) I wake up at 5 am every day. My toddler is up at about 7, my husband around 7:30, so before that happens my house is SILENT. This allows me to do all the rituals of my morning routine with ZERO interruption. Also, that time of morning the energy is just different, it’s powerful and quiet and I love it.

2.) I drink a few oz of water and read for 15 minutes. I am CONSTANTLY reading personal development (self help) books. Whether it’s about healing, or business, or relationships, you can find me toting around a new book weekly. Reason being that those first 20 minutes of your wakeup time, you are an absorbing MACHINE. Anything you put into your mind gets programmed. So why not program yourself for awesome right away? If you need a book suggestion, write me and I’ll give you one.

3.) I then drink my pre-workout (ENERGIZE) which takes about 30 minutes to fully active, and meditate for 20 minutes. This does two things, it allows my preworkout to take effect and it keeps me awake during meditation. On days when I do not workout, I don’t use it. For those 20 minutes I either listen to a guided meditation or I do a silent sit. My favorite meditation app is called CALM, check it out. Meditation clears your mind and sets you up to be the observer of your thoughts all day long. It is the single most powerful focus practice I’ve ever employed.

4.) I then get up, push play on my digital on demand workouts and get my workout DONE. This makes sure I get my body moving, my endorphins pumping, and I’m awake and ready to handle my day!

In the first 90 minutes of my day I take care of my mind (reading), my spirit (meditation), and my body (fitness), and from that moment forward no matter WHAT happens in my day, it’s bound to be a pretty alright day because I won it before it could win me.

Don’t believe me? Try it for a week. Wake up 90 minutes before you’ve got to do anything or get anyone ready and follow these principles.

Need help getting organized or need ideas? Write to me and I’ll help you. Please know that I am here for YOU always. It is my pleasure to help you get the VERY best results within and without so that you can live your very best life.



PS. Want to learn more about the workouts and products I use? CONTACT ME.

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