Resting Is Part of Your Spiritual Work – Here’s Why

33364889_10113385344953231_4040779754054352896_nRight now I’m in the midst of navigating war zone level germs generated by my toddler’s preschool class. He just started school about three weeks ago and has since been sick THREE times when prior to that he had only ever been since twice is WHOLE LIFE. And I’m not talking baby cold here, I’m talking fever for four days straight, unwilling to eat or drink, runny nose, coughing, inconsolable kind of shit.

It was all fun and games until I got the plague right along with him.

I’ve been sick TWICE out of those three times and I’ve been forced to take a massive slow down in all fronts in order to listen to my body and allow it to restore itself the way it knows how.

Because, my friends, your body knows exactly how to do this. It has every internal tool it needs to recover itself from ANY dis-ease as long as we are willing to give it the proper environment to do the work.

By this I mean, by and large, giving it adequate rest. When you are physically resting, you allow your operating system – so to speak – to switch into a “healing” frequency. You move your nervous system from hyper vigilant and focused on movement, activity and blood in your extremities to calm and stable which means reduced physical activity, increase of blood flow to major organs, and the activation of the immune system.

This “on/off” switch is a brilliant evolutionary tool which allowed us in times of great peril, to move the blood in our bodies to extremities in order to flee from danger, thus shutting off our immune system temporarily, in order to save our lives. Once we were out of peril, we would then switch back to healing mode reengaging our immune system and maintaing homeostasis.

Problem is, while we no longer get chased by tigers, we most DEFINITELY live under constant stress.

More than ever we are bombarded with stress daily which leaves our bodies in…? You guessed it  – flight or fight mode! Which, by default, means the suppression of our immune system and the development of long term illnesses because the body never gets an opportunity to heal.

So, does stress kill? YOU BET.

And, a lot faster than you think.

It is IMPERATIVE that we make rest and down time as essential a component of our lives as we do activities, gatherings, events, etc. In fact, it should probably come BEFORE any of that, it’s that level of important.

So the next time you are under the weather and have the urge to “push through” remind yourself that’s dumb and you absolutely WILL NOT.

Remind yourself that slowing down is healthy and normal and A GOOD THING. Remind yourself that your body is wise and adequate and knows exactly how to heal, all it needs is YOUR cooperation.

Allow yourself to slow down, tap in, regroup while honoring the vessel that is carrying you through this physical existence. It is the vessel you chose and the only vessel you get this time around, so be good to it and it will be good to you.

Much Metta,

Shakti Rios

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