A Case for Misdirected Faith: Why we’ve been doing it all wrong.

faithOh, Sunday. Usually my blessed opportunity to go enjoy some alone time at my local Unity church and soak in the expansive wisdom of that community.

For the past two months my life became a TORRENT of movement, hard labor, and concern. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been practically SILENT on this site. That was not accidental.

At the end of September we purchased our first home. Probably one of the most exciting moments of any adult’s life. Also, one of the most stressful. We also purchased a bunch of remodeling material, tools, adhesives, screws, nails, baseboards, paint, and on and on. Basically, with our home we purchased a license for feeling completely overwhelmed and depleted. We’ve put in back to back 12 hour days of pure labor just to get the house ready in the month we had before we needed to leave our apartment.

We moved in on Halloween. That first night in our neighborhood just so happened to be a national holiday where it is acceptable and expected that you will knock on all your neighbors doors and receive gifts from them. Could we have planned that any better?

It is now past mid November and I’m just barely getting to the point where the house is livable in every room. Barely. However, instead of staying home and continuing to labor I decided to go to church for the first time in what felt like ages. The message of the day was enough to show me that we always receive the message we need to hear.

Today’s message was about Faith. Specifically about the story of Jesus walking on water and calling Peter towards him. Initially, Peter begins to walk on water on his way towards him, but when he looks down and realizes what’s happening, he becomes frightened and doubtful and begins to sink. This is when Jesus is quoted as saying, “You of so little faith, why are you so afraid?” And while her sermon was lovely, it didn’t really move me a ton. What DID shake me up, was when she asked the question, “How are you misdirecting your faith?” How am I misdirecting it? What does that even mean?! I thought to myself. Then, I just stopped and let my guidance and intuition come forward and here is what they had to say.

Faith is not an abstract concept. It is LITERALLY creative force. It is the power with which you create all things in your reality. Where you place your faith, is the same as saying where you place your creative energy. If you place your faith in hope, God, possibility, solutions, joy, abundance so you receive more of those experiences BECAUSE you are enacting the power of creation for those vibrational patterns. If you place your faith in worry, concern, stress, “reality”, “the state of the world”, problems, etc. you will also receive more of those experiences because you have likewise placed your creative energy in THAT vibrational pattern.

Faith is CREATIVE. It is also a magnifier. What you hover over with it, you will amplify. We are faith beings. Coursing through our bodies is the “force” of faith. With this force we are constantly creating. Lack of this awareness means misplaced faith – faith in problems and conditions of the third density.

When you are hyper focused on conditions of the third density and place all your faith there, you are subject to all the laws of third density and you will be subject to all the misfortune you have indadvertedly created. When you are focused in faith on subjects that uplift your spirit, you are subject to the laws of the divine which are then amplified in your favor because of the positioning of your faith.

This is the case universally. No human is liberated from this definition or function of faith. No belief is necessary for this to be true or active.”

This was a sobering download. It made me realize how much of my own faith I’ve been putting on limitations and challenges rather than on possibilities and joyful outcomes.

It made me painfully aware of how little conscious time I spend with my imagination envisioning what I DO want and how much time I unconsciously spend overthinking everything I DON’T want.

So as you carry on after reading this post, I leave you with that very same question, “How are you misdirecting your faith?” Where are you misplacing it? How has that creative ability actually worked against you and what could you DO/BELIEVE right now that would help you change that?

Faith is our strongest tool. How we use it will carve out each of our paths with alarming exactitude. Let us be MINDFUL of what we are desiring of having in our lives and of speaking words of praise and acknowledgment and eliminating language of lack and doubt.



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