What’s Talent Got To Do With It? Apparently, not much.


For the past few weeks I’ve been reading a pretty fantastic study on human tenacity called, Grit by Angela Duckworth. Not meant to be a motivational book, this research study really pulls back the layers of a western myth that the most talented of us are destined to succeed while the rest of us less talented folk will only ever be just mediocre.

What she has found in her studies, and in the studies of others, is that in fact the truth is QUITE the opposite: while talent will inevitably give an individual a slight upper hand in any endeavor, it is tenacity or grit, that will actually carry a person to an ultimate experience of “success” as defined by said individual.

In other words, all the brains and beauty in the world count for A LOT less than someone who is willing to show up relentlessly until they get better at what they love no matter how long it takes them to succeed.

This morning I was working out with one of my favorite superstar trainers, Chalene Johnson. I’m currently finishing up her first thirty days of a program called ChaLEAN Extreme, and so far I’m having some of the most amazing results I’ve ever had since starting my fitness and fitness coaching journey 18 months ago.

I remembered her telling the story on her podcast of how she first fell in love with group fitness. The first time she experienced a class she KNEW she wanted to teach one. Problem was, she was AWFUL at it. She couldn’t cue to save her life, she was ALWAYS off tempo, and she just could NOT get the hang of it! Someone even went as far as to call her “annoying” in her teaching style! She laughs heartily as she recounts how miserably she failed her first class and how discouraged she felt because she LOVED it so much.

This is the same woman that years later would go on to generate a million dollar company by HERSELF with her own fitness programs and clothing line before then merging with Beachbody and becoming a featured superstar trainer.

HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? She was awful, right? She should’ve taken that as a hint, right?

WRONG. It wasn’t a hint. It was a message that she would need to work a little more than maybe another person to get to the level she desired. As I always say, “I either win or learn.” She chose to learn. And that tenacity then led her to become a -BOSS- now helping thousands of people with her business acumen and also with her fitness brilliance. To date I consider her to be one of the funniest, sweetest, and most inspiring fitness trainers Beachbody has ever featured.

Or how about her own sister, Jenelle? Jenelle was introduced to the coaching opportunity by her sister, Chalene. It was pretty new and Chalene felt very enthusiastically that it could be a GREAT venture for her little sister.

Jenelle was NOT feeling it. A self prescribed insanely shy individual she repeats in her interviews that when Chalene presented the idea she was vehemently opposed. There was NO way a person as shy as her, she would insist, could ever be successful at anything that remotely involved sales. Chalene insisted that it wasn’t traditional sales as she imagined. That this work was about helping others achieve results in their fitness and mentoring others in doing the same. Eventually Jenelle caved.

To date she is the highest ranking AND paid coach in the network. 

Against all odds, Jenelle made herself the exact opposite of what she initially thought would be possible for a “person like her” in this industry. Did she have to work harder than an extrovert to get comfortable talking to others? Sure she did. Did it take time for her to figure out how to do this well? Absolutely. Did she fail a bunch? You BET. But she had GRIT and she kept going and eventually success fell at her feet.

So my friends, like these two remarkable women, history is littered with individuals who were not the smartest or the most remarkable at first glance, but who INSISTED that something be possible and were willing to give their LIFE to prove it. In the end history is not made of those “most talented” or with the “most potential”. History is made of people who SHOWED UP unapologetically and decided that no matter how long it took them to find success, they WERE GOING TO FIND IT.

What dream have you told yourself you cannot do?

What promise have you continuously failed to follow through with?

How many times have you told yourself the kind of person you are is not capable of something you desire?

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