Excellence is the EXAMPLE not the Exception, listen to Jesus.

john_14_12___daily_bible_verse_by_bible_quote-d9u1490After another soul-filling sermon at my local Unity Church I’ve walked away with a profound knowingness that I needed. In today’s sermon our minister was talking about a book written by Eric Butterworth called The Power Within You. His sermon was an outline of the key learnings he took from Eric and his life’s work.

Every single one resonated loudly.

But one REALLY jumped into my spirit. ” Jesus was not the great EXCEPTION, he was the great EXAMPLE.” He defends this understanding by following up with quote from the master teacher himself from John 14:12, “Truly, truly, I say to you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father.” This is in direct opposition to the very common belief many of us have been ingrained with that somehow Jesus was more special than WE are. Eric argues that this message was DIRECT and for us to awaken to our OWN power so that we could have access to the very same gifts and understandings he did.

I thought about this long and hard throughout the entire sermon.

I thought about every single business mogul we see modeled in our society that is INSANELY successful. Every human documented as breaking some new record and catalogued as “exceptional”. Every person who has healed themselves of some obscure disease and has been labeled the outlier.

Armed with this quote from the Bible itself, and the deliverance of it in our sermon, a new understanding dawned over me: Every great teacher, healer, leader that has EVER lived came here to demonstrate by EXAMPLE what we are truly capable of. They did not incarnate to be idolized, although some of their human forms might have enjoyed that. Their ULTIMATE purpose in incarnating and demonstrating such great feats was to WAKE US UP to who we actually are.

Furthermore, we do ourselves a TREMENDOUS disservice when we idolize the feats of others and compare ourselves and decide that we just aren’t talented enough, capable enough, dedicated enough, etc. >>THAT THINKING IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY CAME HERE TO TEACH.<<

If we were to, instead, accept these wondrous tales of masters, as a road map to the heart of who we truly are. If we were to read them/see them/experience them and say, “Oh! THAT is what I’m capable of! Oh, okay. Let me get to it!” What COULDN’T we accomplish?

Nothing. That’s the answer. There would be NOTHING that we could not call into life.

So today I say to you, you who have watched your friend/neighbor/cousin working out and getting your life right all the while WISHING you could, too. Or you who have witnessed your best friend from college launch an insanely successful business all the while feeling secret envy and discouragement. ENOUGH.

This and greater things than these YOU are destined to do. Use those examples as FUEL. Ask for help. Reach out. Get Courageous. You were not put on this earth for a meek existence. You were put here to radiate the Godhead that lives in you AS you. You were put here to shine so brightly, that all other souls lost in their story, can see your beacon of light and turn their own ON as they REMEMBER who they are.

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You are never alone. May you find all the guidance and support you are needing now and always.



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