Divine Timing: SEPTEMBER is themed!



How is everyone holding up this September? Reeling, yet? Man, what a doozie! Since the Lion’s Gate and then the Eclipse it’s been a constant parade of aches and pains, emotional roller coasters, and so many amazing experiences.

As I was contemplating what to write about for today I was thinking about the THEME & primary message of September and after an experience I JUST lived moments ago, I realize DIVINE TIMING is the only appropriate one. Here are a few key things that have occurred ALREADY in the month of September that are notable in my own life:

1.) WE FOUND OUR HOUSE! For those of you who have followed my posts closely, my husband and I have been house shopping for about 6 months. It’s been an arduous and exhausting process. We’ve lost 6 homes – one during the final closing days. We were SO done. But, I continued to hold out that this was FOR a reason. Even if I did not understand why and even if I was mad, I KNEW that it was for some reason. A few weeks after we lost our last house, this one went on sale. Naturally, I resisted it because it didn’t look like – from pictures – what I wanted. (Note: there is a HUGE lesson here about appearances).

So we looked at many others, all the while this house stared me in the face. It’s conveniently located right by my in-laws, who, also conveniently, became available to watch my son moving forward due to job changes. After my husband finally insisted on seeing it, we walked in and instantly knew. We had found our home. It looked NOTHING like what I wanted. It was NOT what I started out desiring. But, over our search my clarity MATURED and as it matured so did my knowing that I wanted to *feel* connected to the our future house instead of obsessed with what I *saw*. I let go of what I thought it SHOULD look like, and I searched for the feeling.

As fortune should have it, it was the ONLY house my husband and I agreed on and even after seeing other houses after it, “nicer” ones in fact, we still came back to this one. This one was home.

LESSON: Don’t let appearances fool you. Sometimes what you THINK you want and what you ACTUALLY want are not the same thing. Let your feelings guide you. Trust that you WILL know. When it’s the RIGHT time and the RIGHT place, you will find what you are wanting. Trust the timing. It has its reasons.

2.) CHANCE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 5TH KIND! Right before going to a local coffee shop to write this blog (at the time I had no idea what I was going to blog about), I decided to stop at the local nature preserve directly across the street from the house we are just now purchasing to film a quick live video on my upcoming events in September. Seconds after finishing, two women walk up and ask to share the bench as I’m preparing to leave. One of them makes a comment about scaring me away, and I reply that it’s not a problem I just finished filming. She asked me what about and as I shared with her about my fitness groups, guided meditations, etc, their eyes lit up and off we went.

In the next hour we covered ascension, 5D reality, light body, healing, ET guides, the significance of nutrition and fitness and we decided to work together to host meditations that will bring others searching for guidance into direct contact with this ascension energy.

I mean – WHAT. You cannot make this up, friends. This is the magic of 5D. These are the synchronicities that are lining up for those of us that are awake and searching for meaning and purpose.

LESSON: Consciousness is ACTIVELY desiring to connect you with the right people, places, and circumstances. We have so much help right now it’s insane. Take advantage of it. Use it. Tap in. Listen. The clearer you are on your purpose and place in this world and what you actually want here, the faster you will see progress in your reality.


After these two experiences I KNEW that I was going to blog about this. Right now my energy is so high I’m vibrating. Normally, I’d say it’s caffeine, but considering I gave that up I know for sure it’s just pure connection making me feel this way. We are living some beautiful and exciting times. All that we have deeply desired and dreamed of has never been more possible or more probable. BELIEVE IN IT.

Open your hearts and your minds and begin making CONTACT with the consciousness around you. You can join me for a FREE 3-Day Live Meditation Series starting September 11th-13th to active the light body and help you open your awareness.

To learn more about my upcoming September events and how you can participate watch >>HERE<<

In love & light!



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