When The Tide Recedes: How to Navigate the Valleys of Your Business With Spiritual Maturity

tidesAs an an entrepreneur I don’t think anyone can avoid the all too familiar dance of momentous success/expansion and slumps/inertia. Our work is a vacillation between the two on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Of course, we ALL desire to only see this pristine upward spiral in our business where clients and circumstances seem to constantly align and everything falls into place.

We look around at entrepreneurs either within our field or outside of it and compare our work and businesses to theirs and imagine that they have some sort of secret understanding when it comes to client building, profit, and general success. If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, you listen to podcasts on manifestation and grace and then the next day read a book that says only hustle and grit produce results. You fumble with the balance between following guidance/doing work that feels joyful and feeling pressured to engage in action that feels discordant in order to succeed.

Here’s the truth about those top successful people: they all have the same valleys we do. They simply learned how to navigate them with grace. No one is 100% free of doubt, concern, worry or anxiety regardless of how many 0s are in their back account unless they have become totally enlightened, in which case none of those emotions would really apply.  Everyone feels discouragement when things aren’t going the way they’d like. Everyone takes a pause and questions themselves. Everyone sometimes thinks about quitting. That is all >>NORMAL<< human behavior.

I’m writing this because I need to hear it. I need to hear it loudly. And if I do, I know others do also. Just last week I experienced a BURST of positive and auspicious movement forward in my business. I received a promotion, I was offered a huge new business deal, my team was doing fantastic and they were pumped, customers were just flying to me (so it seemed) – it was a WONDERFUL moment to experience.

This week – as I swim in the middle of this eclipse energy, spend way more time in meditation, download information from my guides like MAD and organize meditation groups for the masses – I’ve fallen away from that feeling of excitement and energy I had just a week prior for my business. Just today I asked myself, What is UP with me? Where’s my drive? Where’s my enthusiasm? Why don’t I want to DO this (my business)? I want to do other things (meditation, writing, walks in nature, sleep), but not so much this…why?

And as I’ve churned this question in my mind, I started to get down on myself with the familiar, You better not ‘take your foot off the gas‘ or This could all fall apart, be careful, or You clearly don’t want it enough if you keep doing this. OUCH. This is when I knew it was time to step away and do the opposite of what I was trying to force myself to do. And in doing that I’m beginning to discover something really interesting.

Our life has tides just like the ocean. Our relationships, business, health, energy – all of it – fluctuates like tides. There is a surge and a rising, following by an ebb and a retreat. These are also the cycles of nature. There is a time to reap and a time to sew. A time to dream and a time to act. When we are in tune with who we are and tapped into our spirit, we can pretty organically identify those rhythms. The problem becomes that those rhythms and divine timing do not align with our material “goals” and “deadlines”. So we start to panic and our internal conversation sounds a little like this, Ok, Universe. I understand that this eclipse is important and I need to be hardcore meditating and listening to transmissions, but can we pause this so I can get some work done?!

Yeah. No. That’s not how that works.

Hereto it becomes important to be self aware enough to know when you are self sabotaging, OR, when your energy is being summoned somewhere else for a SPECIFIC function. In my case, I very much want to “work” but what I’m wanting to focus on is on this eclipse and the gateway we are opening into New Earth consciousness. I am so committed to helping as many people as possible ascend and find their light during this time and it’s requiring that I go inward A LOT. It’s requiring that I study A LOT and listen to hours worth of transmissions so I can understand how to anchor this in my own being.

To condemn this experience is to basically tell the Universe that I know better than it when it comes to divine timing and it can go fuck itself. Literally.

So when I catch myself wanting to resist my soul promptings, I’ve learned to STOP. Full STOP, ASK and >>LISTEN<<. Where am I needed? What message needs to be delivered? How can I serve today? And some days it won’t be the way I think I should serve. Or the way my mind thinks I should serve. But this is where spiritual maturity is important and when we must learn to honor our higher understanding and stop trying to force egoic templates on ourselves.

Learn to rest, not quit. Learn to get quiet and tap into your higher consciousness. Learn to ask for HELP when you’re struggling. Learn to step back and look at your work and your role with new eyes. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because you’re having a rough day, week, month or year. Stay grounded. Trust. Learn how to take care of you MORE when you’re living through the hard stuff. Don’t FORCE.

During this eclipse, may you find your way to your inner gate >>heart<< and begin to live your life and work your business from that sacred platform. May you anchor your light in this earth and radiate pure loving intention in all you do. And, may you be comforted in times of struggle and find reassurance in your silence.

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